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Once Upon a Time

The Characters

Throughout the 6 seasons of OUAT there has been countless amounts of characters. Here are some of the main characters.

  • Emma Swan
  • Emma Swan is the most main character of the series. In Season One she was taken by her son henry. (Who she had never knew existed) To a mysterious town called StoryBrooke. Henry claimed that she was the savior of that town and that all of the citizens came from the adventurous land known as the Enchanted Forest. Through constant struggle with regina / The Evil Queen, Emma finally saved the city from her curse and sent everyone free. Sadly they could not leave for there was still a wall that would destroy your memories if you passed it.

  • Henry Mills
  • Henry Mills (Named after his grandfather) is the heart of the series. Throughout most curses he aids the savior in remembering and during season 4 part 2 he actually saves the main characters by defeating the authors curse. Anyway he is a main part of the series.